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The nurses in Bulgaria are rising up


The nurses in Bulgaria have declared 1st of March a day of strike. They will start protest actions throughout the entire country at precisely 12 p.m.

We are in full support of their actions and we call for solidarity internationally. This strike is not just a Bulgarian one. This strike concerns labor power that has been mobilized geographically by the growing interest of capital in the medical sector. Nursing has been one of the most feminized sectors in the country, with disgracing wages and humiliating labor conditions growing by the day. The medical care has been turned into yet another field, where capital accumulates at the expense of workers’ dignity and patient’s health. State owned hospitals and clinics have been turned into trade companies and our health into a commodity. On top of it all, private hospitals receive state funding turning the state budget distribution into a mechanism of enriching the rich and pauperizing the rest. As an effect, thousands of nurses leave the country each year so they can sell their labor abroad, leaving family and loved ones behind and joining the mobile pauperized in search for better conditions of social reproduction. Continue reading The nurses in Bulgaria are rising up

Statement by LevFem regarding the latest demolition of Roma houses in Bulgaria


Anti-Roma racism, ethnophobia, and prejudice have reached intolerable proportions in Bulgarian government, the Bulgarian public sphere, and Bulgarian society at large. LevFem stands in solidarity with our Roma sisters and brothers who are subjected to incessant daily racist abuse, harassment, violence, and dehumanization, and navigate countless forms of prejudice while surviving an increasingly hostile racist, ethnophobic, and xenophobic social environment. Continue reading Statement by LevFem regarding the latest demolition of Roma houses in Bulgaria

Taking stock: the struggle continues!

The protest against the violence against women in Bulgaria will take place in less than five days, at Sofia’s Orlov Bridge and Varna’s Independence Square, on November 26th 2018, at 6pm. The result of dVERSIA and LevFem’s campaign in support of the protest so far, can be summarised as follows: Continue reading Taking stock: the struggle continues!

Solidarity messages sent to ~levfem

…so far

We are thankful to all of you who sent us messages so far in response to our Call for International Solidarity with the upcoming protest against violence against women which will take place on Monday, the 26th of November 2018 in Sofia. Your support has made it easier for us to continue our efforts here on the ground. They tell us that our fight is a shared concern of many people, not just in Bulgaria,  and we have to continue it.

Continue reading Solidarity messages sent to ~levfem